Sunday, October 28, 2012

S Wales Fixies Tease Homebuilt Bent

A Welsh fixed gear site took this guy to task 
for the fun he had with the recumbent he built. 

they did which includes more pictures of the bike.......

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cruz Bike (Recumbent) Mom Shatters 24-Hour Record

49 year-old Maria Parker, a mother of four kids and co-owner of NBG Supporter, Cruz Bike, the amazing Front Wheel Drive recumbent bike, just broke the world 24-hour record. HERE  is the news story that appeared about her breaking it.

And here is the result (from the Cruz Bike Facebook page):

CRUZBIKE Ok, back home now. 24-hour mileage is 470-ish. 12-hr mileage 258-ish. 200 mile time 9:20-ish. All significantly longer/faster world records, pending certification. Cold temperatures forced Maria to wear a puffy fleece coat at night + fatigue and angry stomach brought 32 mile laps from under 1:30 to about 2 hours each. Maria is tired, now sitting in a warm shower. -Jim
12-14-12, 29 minutes ago · 1

fyi:  The men's  upright bicycle road racing record was set  in 2004, in Slovenia, by Sergej Kaucevic. He covered 521 miles in 24-hours..

btw: Maria has always taken an interest in and supported the cross country HiWHeel rides NBG Director, Martin Krieg, has done..