Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cruzbike Maria making biggest comeback in history of RAAM

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Maria Parker, now in Missouri, well beyond the half way point in the Race Across America, is now the women's race leader! Toward that end, she is making what race officials are calling the greatest comeback in the history of RAAM, if not all of sport. This is all too exciting. Here after she loses her main support vehicle, three of her crew members,  her two back-up bikes, most of her tires and wheels, food and miscellaneous supplies too numerous to itemize, and  she's now on a pace to claim the all-time fastest female crossing of America ever!!

This as the support for her sister and brain cancer research is pouring in from all over the USA! HERE is the article the RAAM people featured about Maria at their site. HERE is video they are running about Maria. HERE is the podcast she and I did in April. HERE is where you can keep up with her or donate.

      Go Maria!!

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